GO ON × Panasonic Design

GO ON is involved in a collaborative project with the Design Center of Panasonic Appliances Company. Our shared theme is ‘Better Life in the Future,’ aiming to reflect ever-accelerating social diversity. GO ON inherits centuries of traditional, unique and individual craftsmanship, and all our objects are made so as to awaken people’s inner sensibility. We apply techniques and philosophies to electrical appliances, enhancing the comfort and convenience of contemporary life, but also in order to search for higher values.

What might come out of this encounter between original Japanese craft and cutting-edge technology? We believe all manner of possibilities for the future lie hidden within the aesthetics, sensitivity and culture, nurtured over a long history by Japanese craft. The GO ON project began in 2016, and now we have fused fine materials and careful skills onto electrical technology creating prototypes that echo human memory and respond to the five senses.
In April 2017, GO ON exhibited at the Milano Salone under the slogan ‘Electronics Meets Crafts:’, and they won the Best Storytelling Prize at the 2017 Milano Design Awards. GO ON’s activities are recognised worldwide.

  • Gin-yu (silver glaze),
    Asahiyaki Ware

    Tableware to experience tea through all five senses

  • Kyo-zutsu (echo cylinder),

    Compact speakers giving the experience of sound in the palm of one hand

  • Gettou (moon lantern),

    LED moon lantern with light and shadow

  • Sui-you (water tub),
    Nakagawa Mokkougei

    Wooden bucket creating water flow by induction heating. Uses wireless charging technology

  • Ami-kouro (net incense burner),

    Incense burner to enhance both experience and memory

  • Ori-no-hibiki (woven resonance),

    Partition constructed with sound and fabric